Garage Door Screens

Lifestyle fully retractable screens

Garage Door Screen Installation

We are an exclusive Lifestyle Garage Door Screen dealer and installation company located in Brevard County. Why did we choose Lifestyle? Check out the benefits of a Lifestyle Garage Door Screen!

  • You do not need a new garage door to install one of our garage door screens.
  • Lifestyle screens have a fully retractable passage door without having to lift the screen!
  • Screens do not require electric, remotes or wires and are easily operated by hand.
  • Our garage door screens are hidden when not in use.
  • They do not affect the garage door opening height.
  • No tracks to maintain or clean.
  • Garage screen repairs are easy.

Watch us open and close our Lifestyle garage door screen!

Check out the video to see our owner here at Garage Door Revolution open and close a Lifestyle Garage Door Screen with little effort!


Get a cleaner garage with less bugs, no pesky animals getting in your garage, keep the air flowing on hot days and with our privacy screens you can see out but, the neighbors cannot see in!


Man Cave & She Shed Approved!