Damaged Garage Door Panels


Depending on the type and location of the damage you might have an alternative to replacing panels, or entire garage doors.  Small dents, rot, rust or holes may be repaired without replacing.

Broken or Damaged Springs

broken spring

Have a broken spring? No problem! Our trucks are fully stocked with most spring sizes and we will replace it quickly and safely.

Broken Cables


If you notice that your garage door cable is frayed or broken, you’ll need to replace it. While the cable may seem a simple thing, it can keep the garage door from slamming shut on you or your car should the spring break.

New Rollers


The rollers in your garage door system are an essential part required to keep things moving.  We replace rollers on any garage door model.

Squeaky or Loud?


Is your garage door squeaky or loud when opening/closing? We can come out and fix the door and make things quiet again.

Hurricane Upgrades


Is your garage door hurricane ready? Because this is the biggest opening of your house your garage door needs to be able to withstand high winds in the event of a hurricane.  Call us today for more information on our hurricane upgrade packages.

Misaligned Safety Sensors


If the sensors are misaligned, or if there’s an obstruction blocking the beam from reaching the other side, the door won’t close without you forcing it. If you’re unable to realign the sensors on your own, or think it’s something else causing the problem give us a call.

Track Replacement


If the track for your garage door is damaged it can prevent the door from properly opening and closing and will need to be replaced.

Weatherproofing Your Garage

Garage Door Leak 1

If you are having issues with rain water coming into your garage give us a call. We have vinyl trim, bottom rubber and bottom threshold that will fix the problem. These also keep unwanted insects from invading your garage!

End & Center Bearing Plate Replacement


Is your garage door shaking as it goes up and down? Is there black dust on the garage door? Is your garage door extremely noisy? The likely culprits are the center bearing plate & end bearing plates.


$39 Maintenance & Lubrication Package

This Package Includes a 26 pt Safety Inspection with Complete Door and Opener Lubrication. We also make any minor adjustments to your door or opener system as needed to keep everything running smoothly.

If It's Broken, We Replace It

Whatever it is that is broken or needs replaced, our fully stocked truck is ready to handle the repair.


Next Steps...

If you are having any issues with your garage door give us a call and we will be happy to help!