Value Series 73

New Residential Door Install

Clopay 73 is our base model garage door.  This traditional short panel is made to complement any style home.  Available in 5 different colors and 5 different wind code options.  All window options are available.

Value Plus Series 1500


Clopay 1500 value plus series semi-insulated door will improve your homes energy efficiency. This short panel design complements homes with traditional styling.  All window options are available.

Value Series 76


Clopay 76 is our long panel style door that is available in 5 color and wind options.  This traditional long style is ideal for ranch style homes.

Value Plus Series 76V


Clopay Value Plus Series 76V is a semi-insulated long panel design that can complement any style home.  This door is available in any of our 5 basic color options. No window options available.

Value Series Warranty Information

  • 15 Year Warranty on Paint
  • 10 Year Warranty on Windows
  • 3 Year Warranty on Hardware


Value Plus Series Warranty Information

  • 25 Year Warranty on Paint
  • 10 Year Warranty on Windows
  • 3 Year Warranty on Hardware

Premium Series 4300


Clopay Premium Series 4300 Model is a fully insulated short-panel design that complements any style home.  This model has polystyrene between the panels which offer exceptional strength and security.  The Premium series offers 11 different color options and many different window options available.

Premium Series 4310


Clopay Premium Series 4310 is a fully-insulated door is the ultimate smart choice for homeowners.  It's dense insulation makes this door quieter and has improved energy efficiency.  There are 11 color options to choose from and many different window options.

Premium Series 9203


Clopay Premium Series 9203 is a fully-insulated elegant long-panel design with great features that any home owner would love.  This premium door is injected with polyurethane foam filling its entire structure making it incredibly strong and energy efficient.  This door has 11 color options and many window styles to choose from.

Premium Series 9200


Clopay Premium Series 9200 Model is a fully-insulated short panel design that has so many great benefits.  This premium door is energy efficient and is built to be quieter and stronger.  With Polyurethane injection, there is no other door on the market with a higher R-Value. Comes with 11 color options and ultra-grain wood options; this door will improve the look of your home.

Premium Series Warranty Information

  • Lifetime Warranty on Paint
  • 10 Year Warranty on Windows
  • 3 Year Warranty on Hardware

Door Designs & Color Options for Value & Value Plus Series

Here are the door designs (Flush is no longer available in Florida due to wind codes) and five color options for the Value & Value Plus Series.  Doors can also be painted using a high-quality latex exterior paint.  (Do NOT use an oil-based paint).


Color Options for Premium Series

Here are the 11 color options for the Premium Series.  Ultra-Grain Paint options are also available that simulates a real stained door without the need of ongoing maintenance of wood.

Insulation Options

To the right is a display of the types of doors and their construction:

Value Series- No Insulation

Value Plus Series- Semi-Insulated

Premium Series- Fully Insulated


Window Options

Here are our window options for our entire line of garage doors from our Value Series to our Premium Series doors.  Impact glass is available on most models.  The basic glass windows are made of acrylic and are offered in single strength, double strength, obscure or insulated glass.

NOTE: The Clopay 76 & 76V long-panel designs do not come with window options due to wind codes in our area.

Next Steps...

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